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An updated release of our popular Bergamot Gin Liqueur:

We begin by creating a base gin using juniper berries harvested in the Italian region of Umbria. Distillates of fresh Calabrian bergamot and lemon are blended into the gin, and complemented with two smoked teas: lapsang souchong from China, adding savoury, woodsmoke notes; and Kaneroku from Japan, an earthier and more delicate aroma.

We then sweeten the spirit with cane sugar to create a full-bodied, rounded gin liqueur that is the perfect spirit for a light spritz: half a shot of BGL, combined with sparkling wine and soda water.

It is also a delicious variation of a gin & tonic or gin & soda, and a wonderful addition to many classic cocktails that use citrus liqueurs.

Anne-Sophie Pic Gin

This gin is born from a collaboration between Michelin-starred chef Anne-Sophie Pic, somellière Paz Levinson and Audemus’ Miko Abouaf. It is the fruit of months of experimentation in balancing boastingly distinct flavours and botanicals to create an entirely unique expression.

Rich in exotic pepper and fresh citrus, the gin is inspired by Anne-Sophie’s exquisite cuisine.

The delicate brightness of citron and Meyer lemons harvested in Southwest France create a bursting top note. Cubeb pepper, passion berry and locally foraged juniper provide a vibrant and bitingly intense core of the gin. All of this is underlined with a Japanese smoked tea, adding subtle breadth and lingering length to the finish.

Citrus… Michel Dufau, Eugénie-les-Bains
Juniper… Charente / Umbria
Passion berry… Ethiopia
Cubeb pepper… Indonesia
Kanéroku (smoked tea)…
Hiroki Matsumoto, Japon. Imported by Thé Ritoires, Paris
Marble paper design by Baykul Paris Yilmaz



Pink Pepper Dry is a modern interpretation of a classic dry gin, and a crisp companion to the original Pink Pepper. With strong notes of juniper and pink pepper at the fore, segueing to warm and floral spring honey, cardamom and angelica, this interpretation will satisfy even the most discerning gin purists.

Similar to the original gin, Pink Pepper Dry is distilled under vacuum – then blended and lightly filtered before being bottled.

This gin is the perfect blend for a dry martini – served with a twist of lemon, a G&T garnished with a sprig of lavender, or any classic gin cocktail.


Limited edition – around 600 bottles

The original Covert Liqueur is made with only three aromatic ingredients; fig leaves, cognac and honey. This limited edition batch of around 600 bottles includes another: sweet Calabrian oranges (in fact the same used in Sepia Amer).

The orange blends beautifully with the sweet, warm notes of the fig and cognac – and creates an elevated version of an already richly fragrant liqueur.

It was originally made to mix with espresso (generally, in so subtle doses) – but is equally beautiful on its own or in cocktails (replacing triple sec and other orange liqueurs).

Aquavit Gin


Produced in collaboration with Bache-Gabrielsen

This collaboration was the fruit of everything we love; working on a fascinating spirit, with interesting and knowledgeable partners to create something unique and full of character. Following the artistic direction of the Maître de Chai, Jean-Philippe Berger, we created a typically Scandinavian spirit in France.

The liquid is the assemblage of two spirits; the first distilled in a traditional cognac alambic, with caraway, coriander, fennel, anis and orange blossom, creating the body of flavour. The second, the angelica, distilled under vacuum at the Audemus distillery – gives the bright ethereal top notes. Perfect for an aquavit & tonic, dry martini or straight out of the freezer.