Fractal – hybrid & freestyle spirits

The Fractal series is an undertaking to produce beautiful spirits unbridled by categories and rules.

Focussed on expression and flavour, Fractals are limited edition spirits to be savoured. For each expression, we describe the inspiration, fabrication process and suggest how they may be enjoyed.


Our second iteration of the series, 2.0, aims to emulate the experience of an aged spirit, whilst expressing an unedited aromatically fresh profile. Using a two-times distilled pelargonium (Rose Geranium) eau-de-vie* to create the aromatic heart of the spirit, we then searched to provide a tannic backbone and structure using cold-infused coffee to dilute the spirit. A drop of grape sugar rounds off the edges.

The result is reminiscent of an aged spirit; full-bodied and warm, yet aromatically, it is entirely unique. Brightly floral notes complemented by a honey-toasted base, underlined by a lightly herbal-green finish. It is a perfect digestif, to be savoured neat or in a classic cocktail replacing whisky, rum or cognac.

* This eau-de-vie was produced as a ‘geist’, through maceration and distillation in neutral grain spirit.