Our bespoke products and collaborations are usually produced in house, however have a limited distribution (or distributed by our co-collaborators).

Anne-Sophie Pic Gin

Limited edition – around 570 bottles

This gin is born from a collaboration between Michelin-starred chef Anne-Sophie Pic, somellière Paz Levinson and Audemus’ Miko Abouaf. It is the fruit of months of experimentation in balancing boastingly distinct flavours and botanicals to create an entirely unique expression.

Rich in exotic pepper and fresh citrus, the gin is inspired by Anne-Sophie’s exquisite cuisine.

The delicate brightness of citron and Meyer lemons harvested in Southwest France create a bursting top note. Cubeb pepper, passion berry and locally foraged juniper provide a vibrant and bitingly intense core of the gin. All of this is underlined with a Japanese smoked tea, adding subtle breadth and lingering length to the finish.

Citrus… Michel Dufau, Eugénie-les-Bains
Juniper… Charente
Passion berry… Ethiopia
Cubeb pepper… Indonesia
Kanéroku (smoked tea)…
Hiroki Matsumoto, Japon. Imported by Thé Ritoires, Paris
Marble paper design by Baykul Paris Yilmaz

Aquavit Gin


Produced in collaboration with Bache-Gabrielsen

This collaboration was the fruit of everything we love; working on a fascinating spirit, with interesting and knowledgeable partners to create something unique and full of character. Following the artistic direction of the Maître de Chai, Jean-Philippe Berger, we created a typically Scandinavian spirit in France.

The liquid is the assemblage of two spirits; the first distilled in a traditional cognac alambic, with caraway, coriander, fennel, anis and orange blossom, creating the body of flavour. The second, the angelica, distilled under vacuum at the Audemus distillery – gives the bright ethereal top notes. Perfect for an aquavit & tonic, dry martini or straight out of the freezer.

Annabel's Gin

Produced for Annabel’s London

We had the exciting opportunity to create a bespoke gin for the reputed London nightclub Annabel’s, following their post-renovation reopening. Inspired by the tension between bright and dark, heavy and light – this gin dominant perfume comes from a blend of South African buchu, lemongrass and juniper – balanced and enriched with two deeply aromatic teas; lapsang souchong (Chinese smoked tea) and Hōjicha (Japanese grilled tea).

Find it exclusively on the gin list at Annabel’s.

Annabels Gin
Chatty Penguin Gin

Esprit d'Été & Chatty Penguins

Produced for Waitrose Cellar – roughly 200 bottles each

Since 2016 we have participated in the Waitrose Drinks Festival and run masterclasses where participants get the opportunity to blend their own batch of gin. We judge the gins, and the following year make a batch of several hundred bottles which become available on Waitrose Cellar.

In 2016, the winners were Laura Parton & Joseph Blenkinsop with their gin ‘Esprit d’été’ – with fresh bergamot, orange and warming galangal. In 2017 Stef Gadsden & Oli Knott won with their ‘Chatty Penguins’ with notes of damiana, ginger and lemon with a solid juniper base.