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Anne-Sophie Pic

Since 2020, we’ve collaborated with Cheffe Anne-Sophie Pic and her Executive Sommelière Paz Levinson to craft bespoke and adventurous spirits, which embody Anne-Sophie Pic’s culinary signature.

United by a shared passion for perpetual exploration of beauty and artistry in flavour, Cheffe Pic infuses her culinary vision into every nuance. Together, we create imaginative spirits that transcend the ordinary, pushing the boundaries of taste and creativity.


Anne-Sophie Pic I - Edition Vert

This gin embodies a harmonious spirit existing on three complex layers, weaving together a tapestry of peppery richness, juniper depth, and vibrant citrus notes, gracefully complemented by the subtle addition of smoked tea.

Citron, Landes | Lemon, Landes | Juniper, Umbria/Charente | Passion Berry, Ethiopia Cubeb, Indonesia | Kanéroku (Hiroki Matsumoto), Japan | Wheat alcohol, France

Anne-Sophie Pic II - Beeswax Edition

This gin is boldly aromatic with a core body of beeswax, reinforced by top notes of unripe blackcurrant buds, juniper and lemon, underlined by rooibos and myrtle. The gin’s freshness is balanced by earthy and honeyed notes, forming a light and intensely aromatic spirit, which maintains a delicate harmony between the different elements.

Blackcurrant buds, Burgundy | Lemon, Calabria | Juniper, Umbria | Bee’s wax, Charente Rooibos, South Africa | Myrtle, Corsica | Wheat alcohol, France

Anne-Sophie Pic III - Fig Leaf & Bergamot Edition

Limited edition, ceramic version

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