Audemus Spirits
Pink Pepper Gin from Audemus

An intensely aromatic and bold gin, with bright and spicy notes of pink peppercorns and juniper, balance with the warmth of honey, tonka and vanilla. Pink Pepper Gin is hand crafted and intricately designed to evolve over time, both in the glass and in the bottle.

Each batch of Pink Pepper Gin is dedicated to family members, good friends and people who are part of the Audemus story.

Meet The Rest

Original creations flow constantly from The Audemus Lab – ‘spiritual’ innovations from gins to liqueurs, bitters to hybrid drinks.


Audemus’ hand crafted spirits are born from a desire to combine modern techniques with the traditional methods refined by generations of distillers and blenders in Cognac, France. Based in the heart of the old town, Audemus innovates with artistry and esprit, making products which are proudly contemporary.
Miko (Bert) from Audemus

Miko (aka Bertie)

The man in the lab – can usually be found elbow-deep in exotic spices and alcohol! Miko founded the company in 2013, after several years working as a cognac distiller. For him, Audemus is the realisation of a lifelong love for creating spirits; and his passion is present in everything he produces.
Ian (Bob) from Audemus

Ian (aka Boblem)

The Man on the Streets – can usually be found sharing the Audemus love with everyone from the world’s finest bartenders to the world’s finest bar-goers. Ian joined the story in 2014 after following his previous loves of design, hotellerie, and fine tipples from every corner of the globe.

Pip from Audemus


Pip – the lady on the ground – based in London; animates and enriches the Audemus world. Having joined the team in 2017, Pip always has a bottle close at hand – showcasing our creations to the world at large. Artistic, chic, and as happy sampling cocktails in London’s finest establishments as she is with a pint watching the rugby.


Charlie joined the Audemus team in May 2019 working side by side Pip on the ground in the UK. After many years working with our friends at Fever Tree, he made the jump across to the wild side of Gin & Tonics! A friendly giant, a creative soul and an all round gentleman out to share the Pink Pepper Love.

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The Audemus Love is strong across the UK, France and beyond… these are just some of the places to find us.
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