Who are we

Based in the heart of Cognac, France, Audemus draws inspiration from traditional distilling techniques, blended with a modern alchemy and a passion for innovation. With a small­batch production philosophy, coupled with an imaginative blend of ingredients, we create unconventional drinks that are proudly contemporary. In addition to our own spirits, we also specialise in creating bespoke products and provide spirit consulting services for professional clients.

Flagship Products

Our products are created using reduced-pressure distillation, where each aromatic is macerated separately in alcohol then distilled at controlled temperatures to create concentrated aromatic extracts. Each extract is then assembled with a base of slow-reduced French wheat spirit, in a process similar to that which a perfumer would employ to produce his creations. The final products are non-chillfiltered in order to retain as much flavour and aroma as possible, and ensure the smoothness of the spirit.

How we are

As a very round and aromatic gin - Pink Pepper is perfect served neat or over ice. As it is cooled, or diluted it will reveal an intense freshness - so it makes a very distinct and delicious gin & tonic or negroni.

Serve chiller or at room temperature and sip away.
Serve with a deserving tonic: garnish with a spring of lavender or a twist of grapefruit peel.
by Brian Silva - Balthazar, London.
Stirred, served with a squeezed grapefuit peel and a maraschino cherry.
60 ml Pink Pepper Gin
5 ml Bohemian Absinth
3 Dashes Maraschino
2 Drops Sugar Syrup
by Joseph Boley - The Red House, París.
Shaken over ice into a frozen glass.
30 ml Pink Pepper Gin
20 ml Cocchi Americano
20 ml Creme de Cacao Blanc
20 ml Lemon Juice

Umami's savoriness lends itself as a perfect replacement for gin or vodka in all dry, savory and vegetable-based cocktails.

Rince glass & ice with white vermouth, stir 50ml of Umami & serve in a frozen Martini glass. Granish with lemon zest or olive.
Prepare a Bloody mary as usual, replace vodka with Umami and garnish with lemon peel & a dash of celerity bitters.
by Brian Silva - Balthazar, London.
Stirred until well chilled and served in a frozen Martini glass.
20 ml Umami
2,5 ml Cointreau
2,5 ml Cinzano Orancia
2,5 ml Picon
by Mika Mas - Le Mary Celeste, París.
Shake over ice, served into chilled glass, garnish with lemon peel on rim of a Martini glass.
20 ml Umami
40 ml Amontillado
1,5 ml Velvet Falernum
2,5 ml Fresh Lemon Juice
1 ml Grenadine

How we are

Audemus Spirits also specialises in the elaboration and production of exclusive, bespoke spirits for individual clients - offering you, your brand or your bar a unique, hand-made creation tailored specifically for your needs.

For clients already in the industry, Audemus Spirits offers confidential consulting services for the elaboration of new products as well as the enhancement of existing ones. With a specialisation in high-end spirits - and experience and knowledge extending across many facets of the production process we can offer a unique and innovative approach to your projects. Contact us for further details.


Miko Abouaf

Director of Capers

Miko commenced his spirited adventure with alcohol from a young age, working with macerations and family liqueur recipes in his home country of Australia. By the ripe age of eighteen, he started venturing into experimentations with distillation. Fast forward past years of studying, travels and work in finance, the nonprofit sector and several years as a Cognac distiller, his passion for spirits is as fervent as ever. Miko founded the Audemus distillery in May 2013 ­ and the creations have been flowing ever since.

Ian Spink

Director of Doing

Doer by name and doer by nature, Ian's experience is as vast as it is varied ­ holding several management positions from London to La Paz, through to co-designing and running boutique hotels in Buenos Aires and the Cognac region. Ian joined Audemus in early 2014 and has since become a part of the soul of the company, focussing predominantly on the commercial and marketing aspects of the business, and as the resident Taste-tester.

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If you would like to discuss a possible project, or for further information, please do not hesitate to contact:

miko@audemus-spirits.com or +33 7 50 70 36 05
4 Rue du Pont Faumet, Cognac, 16100. France.